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Steps To Selling A Home

Here's a quick overview of the selling process. If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of our team!

Find a great agent that you are comfortable working with.

Step #1: Find An Agent

Work with your realtor to price your home competitively.

Step #2: Pricing

Prepare your home for showings.

Step #3: Staging

Your realtor will ensure that your home is marketed across multiple platforms.

Step #4: Marketing

Your home is live and viewable by potential buyers.

Step #5: Listing

Be as flexible as possible to get the most potential buyers viewing your home.

Step #6: Showings

Your realtor will help you consider all offers presented and negotiate fairly.

Step #7: Offers

The contract becomes binding after you and the buyer agree on the contract terms.

Step #8: Under Contract

Start packing and be prepared for delays.

Step #9: Final Details

Attend the closing meeting, transfer keys and celebrate!

Step #10: Closing

Staging Your Home To Sell!

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CURB APPEAL is so important. Cut the lawn, shovel the snow, trim the bushes, and plant some flowers. Make sure home maintenance is not deferred.  

DECLUTTER,  DECLUTTER,  DECLUTTER! This tip alone will help you sell your home for top dollar. Rent a moving pod or storage unit to store things for your move. Clear out closets and storage areas. Leave only the essentials. 

CLEAN Like you never have before. A clean, tidy home that doesn’t have the latest upgrades often shows better than an upgraded home that is a dirty. 

TALK WITH A REALTOR before doing any remodeling or updating . They will know what the market is doing and what brings you the most value. 

DEPERSONALIZE. Take down any family pictures or personalized items/decor.  It's possible that your online listing pictures will be seen by possibly 10’s of thousands of people. 

PLAN FOR PETS. Have a plan for kenneling or taking your dog with you for showings. If you have cats make sure your listing agent notifies potential showing agents so they don’t accidentally let them out. 

REPAIR ANYTHING THAT NEEDS IT. If you have a leaky faucet, fix it. These things will come up in an inspection. 

Looking to Sell?


We're here to walk you through the process of selling your home. We are here to help! Contact us to set up a free consultation to discuss where you are in the process. 

Client Review:

"Dawn was wonderful at guiding us through the sale of our house, purchase of land as well as introducing us to a great house builder. She was always there to answer our questions and guide us through the process. She is a fantastic person to work with and we highly recommend Dawn Magagnotti for all real estate needs."

Katie Lipski
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